Prescott Golf Club Gardens

If you have golfed, had dinner or even sauntered by the Prescott Golf Club then you have probably enjoyed the views of our Member-Volunteer managed gardens. We have a small but committed group who so graciously give of their time to help improve the aesthetics of the property, filling the gardens with lots of different colours and fragrances.

Please take the time to thank them the next time you see them.
We don our hats to our gardeners, both past, present and future.

If you have free time and an interest in gardening, we would love to have your volunteer assistance.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact Audrey Moore, 613-925-4701.

Current volunteer gardeners :

  • Candy Adams
  • Barb Berry
  • Ron Bulmer
  • Rob and Renata Kimmerly
  • Lynne McIntosh
  • Audrey and Roger Moore
  • Diane O’Connor
  • June Rice