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A Brief History of the Prescott Golf Course

In his wonderful book, Morisses’ History of Prescott: 1800-2000, author John A. H. Morris tells us that the first Prescott Golf Course was a very simple three hole course located just north of St. Mark’s Cemetery just off Edward’s Street in an area called the Sand Hills. There were four members and they all shared one set of golf clubs that belonged to Joe Toshack. This was around 1930 and after some frustrating and short rounds, the group rented some land from a farmer named Isaac Bradley on Campbell Road who rented a sheep pasture to the men for $25 a year with the provision that the sheep stayed. This was in 1932 and by the end of the year, the new course had 73 men and 33 women members, each paying one dollar to join. The first board meeting was held on July 14, 1932 with John Doyle elected as President and Vice-President John Toshack. Nine holes were laid out and everyone helped cut the grass and move the boulders as there was no money for staff. A small clubhouse was purchased from the old Dynamite Works and moved to the new course.

In 1938, the club approached the Canadian National Railways to see if they would sell “The Pines” as the area was called and on April 5, 1939, 76 acres were purchased for $1,500. This was and is the site of the Prescott Golf Course we know today. The stucco, cinder block building on Boundry Street was the clubhouse built on the new course. The club was incorporated in 1939 and shares were sold for $10 each.

As golfing became more popular, the golf board realized it needed to expand and in 1986 the club bought 52 more acres with the help of a Wintario grant. The new, 18 hole golf course was opened on July 26, 1989.

In 1993 the new clubhouse was built to a licensed capacity of 200 and used frequently by the members and for special events.
(Source: Morrises’ History of Prescott: 1800-2000, John H.A. Morris, SLP Prescott, 2001)

Drone image of holes 1 and 18
Drone image of holes 1 and 18
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