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 Opening Weekend Green Fee Silent Auction

Prescott Golf Club will be opening soon!

Our phones have been ringing off the hook (more than 100 calls per day) with Green Fee players wanting to ensure that they will be able to play as soon as we open for the season. For those of you who can’t wait to play or book your spot, here is your chance to guarantee your spot on the tee sheet on our opening weekend, which looks like it may be this weekend, March 26th and 27th. In the event, we are unable to open, your bid will be for the following weekend (April 3rd and 4th)

We are having a silent auction that will allow Green Fee players to bid on Prime Tee-Times ahead of the general public for opening Weekend.

The  money raised by the silent Auction (above our regular green fee price) will go towards the costs to install Driving range stations to compliment our existing turf driving range tee deck.

Opening day will be decided by Mother Nature with input from our Superintendent. We are getting very close to being ready to open and hope to see everyone out on the course very soon. We will announce our opening date on our Facebook page as well as our club website  as soon as a decision on opening day has been reached.

Rules for Silent Auction

  1. There will be 14 tee time slots set aside on Saturday of opening weekend & another 14 tee time slots for Sunday of opening weekend for the Auction.   10 AM to 10:54 ( 7 – Foursomes)  and 1 PM to 1:54 PM ( 7 – Foursomes), both opening Saturday and opening Sunday .
  2. Your bid price is to purchase a tee time for four (4) players.  (No single, twosomes or threesomes times available for purchase in the auction) Carts are not included and due to early season conditions, will most likely not be available.
  3. Minimum bids are already set and you must bid in increments of $1 over the minimum bid or the highest posted bid.
  4. A link is provided so you can see what the highest bid is for each time slot for Morning & Afternoon for each Day. You can also view results on this page.
  5. No names or other information is displayed to Bidders.  All personal information is kept private.
  6. You can bid on as many times as you want on as manner different days or timeslots that you wish.
  7. The highest bidder for each time slot will be contacted and bidder will be required to pay in advance to purchase all tee times in which you have the highest bid. If the highest bidder for a time does not pay or respond, the next highest bid will be given the opportunity to pay and take the tee time.
  8. Bidding will close on  Thursday March 25th at 8pm.

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