Our P.G.C. Gardeners

Our P.G.C. Gardeners


If you have golfed, had dinner or even sauntered by the Prescott Golf Club then you have enjoyed the fruits of the labour of our Member-Volunteer Gardeners who so graciously give of their time to help make our grounds so gorgeous and fragrant.


Thank them the next time you see them.


Our hats are off to our gardeners of the past, present and future.

In 2018 our Gardeners are: 

Barb Berry
Ron Bulmer
Jean and Neil Dufour
Sharon Landry
Heather McKay
Adrian Vanschie
Diane O’Connor
June Rice
Joanne Roundell
Lynn McIntosh
Cathy Adams
Audrey and Roger Moore


Wouldn’t you love to literally have a hand

In The Beauty of Prescott Golf Club?


There are a few gardens not being tended.  


If you wish to volunteer please contact Joanne Roundell, our Member/Director Garden Coordinator at 613-657-1404

A few of our Beautiful Gardens











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