Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance on the Golf Course Machinery and Cart Fleet

Winter is time for us to do some heavy maintenance on machines and equipment.

Reels are removed from all of our mowers and the blades are all sharpened and new bed knives are installed.

Workman atv hauling tarps at the Prescott Golf Club.

Cutting the fairway at the Prescott Golf Club

Seeding the fairway at the Prescott Golf Club.

Every day a new piece of machinery comes into the shop to be inspected and repaired, if needed.  Sorry, I wasn’t able to get pictures of all our machinery.

This includes maintenance on the power cart fleet of 74 carts.

Along with the machinery maintenance a lot of grounds work gets done.  This tree needed to come down.

Large tree cut down at the Prescott Golf Club.

And countless huge rocks are dug up each year.  Anyone need rocks?  We have piles of them.




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