A Prescott Golf Club membership is like a key that unlocks a vault of recreational opportunity.  More golf for less.

Dear Golfer:

If you’ve played all the area courses, you know that Prescott Golf Club is a leader in getting the season off earlier, extending it longer into the Fall and making all the time in between full of the best golf around. So why not get a membership and get “more golf for less!”

Hole 9 - Halfway HomeWe’re proud of the attention to detail that goes into giving you the best golf experience.

All things being equal, golf is the key component of a golf membership. It may sound simple but you’d be surprised how many clubs fall short on this factor.

Not here!

Need a reason to join Prescott? How many do you need?

You get the idea. A Prescott membership really strrrrrrrretches your recreation budget!

Members can reserve tee times up to seven (7) days in advance.

Hole 14 - U.S. Bound

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Imagine …

You and your family have a place where you can get the most bang for your recreational buck throughout three seasons …

you have place you’ll be proud to bring clients and prospects for a round of golf and do same business …

along with great golf, you can relax in the clubhouse, with a cocktail and a nice,
relaxing dinner …

and when your favorite charity needs a venue for a fund-raising event, you have THE place …

Imagine no more. It’s all is waiting for you at Prescott Golf Club.

Ours is an inviting, relaxing venue for your recreation while a trained, professional staff goes about its business like well-rehearsed actors in a play.

For more information, to discuss your needs or to start the membership process, please contact me!

All the best,

Thom Miller

PS: Here’s to the good times that await you at Prescott Golf Club!

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