New rate structure for 2017 at Prescott Golf Club: Dynamic pricing.

bestrate.pngIt’s like you set the price for us!

Here at Prescott, we are going to implement the Dynamic Pricing model beginning with play in Spring, 2017. This means you’ll get the best possible price for your green fees.

Dynamic pricing means you get the best price for your tee time.

While this is new to the game of golf, airlines, hotels and even your favourite sports teams are utilizing this powerful new pricing strategy.

With rates changing daily, Dynamic Pricing gives you the chance to find the rate and time that works best for you. You may see our most demanded times of the day at a slightly higher price, but you will also see an overwhelming amount of our tee times at prices that are more affordable than ever!

Dynamic Pricing essentially means, ‘Tell us when you want to play, and we’ll let you know what you’ll pay. Or, ‘Tell us what you want to pay, and we’ll let you know when you can play.’

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