Not your typical beginning!

Hole 3 - NorthboundWhen the members pitch in at Prescott Golf Club, they really pitch in!

This was a nine hole course in its humble beginnings. And from the excerpt below from Joe McLean’s great account, the earliest members took part in “rock picking parties.”

Our parties are a bit more sophisticated today – and our members are just as dedicated.

Read “Prescott Golf Club – 75 And Counting
by Joe McLean


For many years, the casual playing of golf took place on the towns’ parks and farmlands. A meeting was held on Thursday, July 14, 1932 at the Isaac Bradley farm for the purpose of discussing the formation of a formal golf club. According to Club minutes, the first site in the early 1930’s for the Prescott Golf Club was Port Johnstone on the Ward Plumb property where Highland Avenue crosses McLaren Street on the west side of Prescott.

In its first year of operation, the Club had 112 members including 73 males, 33 females and 6 students each paying dues and the first elected President was J. P. Doyle. By 1935 the golf course was not only busy but also overburdened with players and the membership was already having discussions about relocating to a larger site.

The formal decision was made to purchase the seventy-six acre piece of land the Prescott Golf Club now occupies on the east side of town. That site was part of an apple orchard and was known locally as “The Pines.” Plans were made to overlap the building of the new course with the continuing operation of the old site until the new holes were fit for play. The new version of the Prescott Golf Club was incorporated on May 2, 1939 with M. A. Willis as President and 113 initial shares being purchased.

Many pictures still exist today showing rock picking parties and members attending to many other duties about the course in an effort to improve its quality.

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