House Manager, Jan 1 2019

Prescott Golf Club

Job Description

Reports to the Board of Directors

Supervises or works closely with; Financial staff, Food & Beverage (lease operator or employees) operations, housekeeping staff, Halfway House staff.

Nature and Scope of Responsibilities
  1. Responsible for the overall condition and operations of the Prescott Golf Club facility.
  2. Functions as the sales manager of Prescott Golf Club including membership drives, promoting green fee play, selling tournaments, promoting the facility for events and ensuring the level of services in the club for both members and guest players. This includes digital marketing and social media use as well as ongoing member communication programs.
  3. Coordinates the development of the club’s long range and annual business plans consistent with the Board approved Strategic Plan. This includes preparing timely reports for the Board on operations and programs. Provides advice to the Board on possible changes within club operations to generate positive financial outcomes.
  4. Oversees correct processes for all the above financial operations including work schedules, cash flows, inventory controls, accounts receivable, and correct use of control systems.
  5. Responsible for the profitable operation of the food and beverage services of the club either through a lease operation or through direct operation by Prescott Golf Club.
  6. Is responsible for oversight of club house capital facilities including maintenance, cleaning, capital replacement and employee safety.
  7. Works closely with the Bookkeeper to ensure timely invoicing, accurate records, monitors cash flow prepares and executes daily bank deposits.
  8. Is present in office or club facility to ensure a point of contact for members, club guests, or other facility users related to customer satisfaction and sound fiscal controls.
Job Knowledge & Interpersonal Skills Development
  1. Demonstrate leadership ability to develop and implement marketing strategies to promote the Prescott Golf Club and increase membership, guest participation and facility usage.
  2. Provide leadership to staff to promote ownership and pride in the Prescott Golf Club.
  3. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the golfing world.
  4. Demonstrate experience in Human Resource Management and Food Service Industry.
  5. Demonstrate accounting experience and management of club finances to proper accounting standards.
  6. Working in conjunction with the accountant of PGC manage the club’s finances to meet approved budgets including the other operational areas of PGC.
  7. Demonstrate computer skills in both the club’s overall management functions and use of digital marketing to promote and expand the reach of PGC.
  8. Develop a working relationship with municipal officials and other key tourism attractions in region to market the golf club as “Prescott Tourist Attraction.”
  9. “Meet and Greet “members and guests on an ongoing basis to utilize the facilities and services of the club and to be in front of usage issues between other
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